As a part of Wilderness International the Wildblog is offering a platform for young people to sensitise them for environmental themes and to give the puplic a direct access to environmental projects and research expeditions worldwide.

The Wildblog wants to demonstrate opportunities around conservation and help to create sustainable ideas with the aid of correspondenst all over the world.

There are 75 percent of all old growth forests and wilderness areas changed by human impact worldwide. These areas became to industrial landscape, large agricultures, fallow land or dessert.
The remaining natural wilderness areas are habitats for animals and plants today – but for us humans as well, e.g. to find a spot for relaxing and enjoying natures treasure.
The promptly protection of these unique regions like the tundra or natural stream courses is one of the most important aims of conservationists and scientists all over the world.
We are young people, who advocate for our livelihood together with Wilderness International and other organizations. Aim of the project is to create a worth living future.

There are more specific blogs in line with the new website of the Wildblog now.
Following you can find short descriptions of these blogs:

„Tumuth un Yukwala“, the „land of the eagles“, is a first and important component in the conception of Wilderness International in terms of protecting the West Canadian wilderness. The project has the ambitious aim to preserve the last temperate rain forest at the Canadian West Coast and includes a partnership program between the foundation Wilderness International and the Cowichan People, which is the biggest tribe of native Americans in British Columbia.
Together we will establish conservation areas at strategically important points in this endangered and diverse ecosystem within the next three years.
Every year there are many thousand people and schools that get involved with this project and adopt parts of „Tumuth un Yukwala“, the threatened primeval forest.
Students from the Cowichan tribes come to Germany to learn here about sustainable environmental protection and to raise awareness for their concerns.
In exchange, each summer German students travel to Canada where they work on different projects together with the Cowichan students to learn more about this valuable ecosystem and to find solutions for the conservation work.
Also this summer we have nine German students visiting the area of the Cowichan People. From this expedition they will daily report for us on the Wildblog!

Aim of this blog is to enthuse young people for environmental research themes. So we are working together with a lot of scientists, who are involved in different projects worldwide.
Wilderness International is part of this blog as well, because scientists are travelling to Canada every summer to work on researches together with Wilderness International. The research area is part of the tempered rain forest of Westcanada, known as ‚Amazonia of Canada‘ because of that many species are living there. These linked tempered rain forests are the largest of the whole world.
Unfortunately there are just 25 percent left, even though there is not a lot known about the flora and fauna of these forests. The timber and mining industry as well as tourism and infrastructure projects are theatening the areas of western Canada. But the trees in this areas are absorbing more carbon dioxid than any other typ of forest.
A team of four to six scientists wish to get an overview of the flora and fauna of Porcher Island (next to Vancouver Island). There are different purposes of the inventory of the area:

  • – it is a base to get to know the ecosystem
  • – the detection of the biodiversity is an important argument to protect the area
  • – it is a base for the further education work with students and visitors
  • – the inventory helps to choose other wilderness areas to protect them for the future
  • – there are other key aspect for the research as well, for example to find plants to develop new medicaments

The travelblog is giving young people the opportunity to report directly about environmental themes, which they can find while travelling.
Enter into the native New Zealand´s or Australien rain forest, dive into the deep Pacific ocean or get abducted into the loud and colorful life of indian megacitites.

Furthermore aim of the project is to report about projects of conservation organizations to build up relationships. So the Wildblog is offering a collection of different environmental projects. That is giving young people an option to get directly involved into nature conservation.

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