WIAdmin, 19. Juli 2016

Hey people. Today is our last day in Canada, because tomorrow we will get on the plane back to Dresden. We all think it is a real shame that our adventure is coming to an end. Therefore we will enjoy our last 24 hours completely. Jannis, Julius and I get up at 8 and eat… Mehr

WIAdmin, 18. Juli 2016

Our arrival in Vancouver was a bit of a shock after two weeks of living in the wilderness. The mountains turned into sky scrapers and the sounds of the river and leaves turned into big city noise. A beautiful big city, as we discover after beach picnics, city walks and park visits, even though the… Mehr

WIAdmin, 17. Juli 2016

Today we were in the “Land of the phantom flowers”, the parcel of land in the Toba Valley that Wilderness International is protecting. To see with my own eyes what we and many other students have been running for was unbelievable. The beauty is simply indescribable. We paddled almost down to the ocean and could… Mehr

WIAdmin, 15. Juli 2016

After a wonderful clear starry night, which we spent outdoors, I felt something strange and wet on my face. It was Tobi, who was brushing my face with a wet blade of grass. As I saw his smirking face, my mood got worse and I had the feeling I needed to take revenge, since he… Mehr

WIAdmin, 13. Juli 2016

As soon as I woke up I was thrilled and my adrenaline spiked. On the way to the wilderness kitchen near the river I realized: it doesn’t matter what we is on offer for breakfast, I’m not eating it, because today my natural food days begin. For the next two days I will only eat… Mehr

WIAdmin, 12. Juli 2016

Hey folks, I finally could sleep in. Thank goodness we didn’t have to eat chia seeds again, we just finished up the rice from last night. Afterwards we packed our things because we are heading to the other sand bank today. There was a little lunch and then we left through the forest with our… Mehr

WIAdmin, 10. Juli 2016

Brigitte’s voice pulled me from my deep sleep. After I went to bed fairly late, I was happy to be able to sleep in till about 10. The sun, the rain that had stopped, and our pancake brunch made me smile as I walked into the kitchen. Following breakfast, everyone went to their own silent… Mehr

WIAdmin, 9. Juli 2016

Jannis‘ lovely voice chases me out of bed early. So I go down to the river. The water has fallen again to normal levels after our big move yesterday. Then we have a civilized breakfast. Or rather a brunch because it’s almost noon. There is freshly-baked pita bread with marmalade and scrambled eggs. (By the… Mehr

WIAdmin, 8. Juli 2016

It is warm and comfortable in the large tent, but I hear the rain beating against the tent wall. This says to me that the good weather we hoped for has not come. Even after breakfast it doesn’t look good. Julius, Emilia and Henri help to bring the boat to higher ground because the river… Mehr

WIAdmin, 6. Juli 2016

Dear readers, As you know, we had to split up our expedition group yesterday. Clara wrote about the events in our camp, and now I will tell you about what Ronny, Caro, Jette, David, Kai and I experienced. Caro and I followed Jette and Ronny onto the sand bank. David and Kai continued on to… Mehr