WIAdmin, 29. September 2017

This is an old well known book called the „Children’s Cosmos – Animals in Ice and Snow“. In 1973 my parents gave it to me – and since then I know that there are white whales. Countless times, I read this book! And maybe it was part of the reason which allowed me to experience these… Mehr

WIAdmin, 21. September 2017

More days with the Belugas in the cold waters of the Hudson Bay are over now. And slowly we feel that our bodys have been exposed to the cold every day. The question why the belugas migrated into the river a few days ago has to be explained with the hunt for one of the… Mehr

WIAdmin, 11. September 2017

The 1st of August 2017 – a day we will never forget! This experience impressed us too surprisingly and intensively! Without any doubt the first encounter with a wild polar bear was the greatest impression. In front of Churchill, the boreal forest meets the Arctic tundra – which was wearing its summer dress. Many of… Mehr

WIAdmin, 1. September 2017

The first three days in search of encounters with the Belugas are over. It is not easy to capture those cute and curious animals on the sensor of the camera! The reason for this are the right settings for the camera. The light and visual conditions are extreme! And the snowy white body of the… Mehr

WIAdmin, 29. August 2017

Churchill is known as the „world capital of polar bears“. But in the subarctic summer, arround 4,000 white whales (Belugas) come near by this village on the Churchill River to raise the new born whales. Kerstin Meyer and Reinhard Mink will observe this for us: The first day in Churchill, Manitoba. It felt a bit… Mehr

WIAdmin, 11. August 2016

Our Gwich’in-German conservation and Youth engagement project is just picking up steam again! Henriette Wessel and Tobias Hürten from Wilderness International have travelled to Fort McPherson in order to help plan the Gwich’in-German Peel Watershed project, protecting the Gwich’in homeland, the most beautiful piece of land on earth that has not been ripped apart by… Mehr

WIAdmin, 15. März 2016

Went to school camp the other day! It was one of my best days here so far – I loved being outside, directly learning about camp life and seeing the kids running around and playing in the deep snow. I admire them, tried to run around for five minutes and was exhausted! All this time… Mehr


Upon my arrival in Inuvik I walked straight into my first culture shock – we had caribou for dinner! But not with spices and veggies in a hamburger or a stew, no. First, Gwich’in hunter William proudly presented me his fresh trophies raw, bloody and half frozen. Guts, heart and kidneys are apparently the delicacy… Mehr


Went for a walk at wind chill -35°C today 😊Nature makes better mascara!

WIAdmin, 8. Februar 2016

It was a great night at the Chief Julius School library tonight watching the movies of the 2007/08 exchange to Germany and the expedition on the Snake River, really reviving the spirit! Everyone loved it and we sure got some good laughs too. Mahsi cho to everyone for coming out, we were delighted to have… Mehr